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Welcome to my MSX corner !

MSXMusic Editor/Player

Editor/Player code written in C for PC computers with Windows OS.
The application is a MuSiCa interpreter.

Download the last version of the PC Editor:

Download the last version of the MSXDOS Player:

Changes Log:

New BAS File importer.
Fixed minor bugs.

Added a new MSXDOS player. Try to listen in your MSX the MM music files generated with the PC Editor.

Fixed bugs
Loop CheckBox
Play instrument with keys (QWERTYUI)

Compile MSD Files (MuSiCa TXT Files)
Load XM Files (standard tracker format)
Load VCD Files (MuSiCa instrument files)
Play with the correct timing
Player (not optimized) working in a MSX/2/2+/TR.

Compile MSD Text files
Play the music but we can hear some timing problems
Support all the MML commands, some of them need to be
verified by musicians. There is not enough information about MML commands and how they should be implemented.

Commands supported:

Vn Volume 0<=n<=15
On Octave 1<=n<=8
Tn Tempo 32<=n<=255
Qn Envelope 0<=n<=8
Wn Decay 0<=n<=255
Pn Portamento 0<=n<=255
In Vibrato 0<=n<=255
Mn Period 0<=n<=65535
@n Set instrument 0<=n<=255
@Vn Master Volume 0<=n<=15
@Wn Wait 0<=n<=255
@An Accent Volume from Drums 0<=n<=15
@Yn,m Modify Instrument Register

n = register
v = value

Rn Silence 1<=n<=64
Ln Length 1<=n<=64
. Extend Length  
> Octave Inc  
< Octave Dec  
Yn,m Write Register n = register
v = value
Zn Detune 0<=n<=255
( ) Legato  
& Link Note  
{ }n Repeat n times 0<=n<=255
# | + Note up  
- Note down