Red Forces

In the heart of the Cold War. Beyond the Red Lines. Only a man can change all the rules: you!!!

In the heart of the Cold War

Beyond the Red Lines

Only a man can change all the rules: you!!!

The ChallengeRedforces_01

SerJev KolsKay, a former commander of the Kremlin, wants to use all his power to charge against capitalism through a large-scale terrorist attack.

Redforces_02Your mission

The veteran Green Beret Gooseman Brown was sent to his training camp to neutralize the Soviet threat, and stop SerJev find to be brought before the International Tribunal.


* You will have to go through four areas to reach the headquarters SerJev: bridges near the loading dock, the hangars and bunkers area.
* Will struggle against hordes of enemies in different preparations, from privates to majors, through karatekas fearsome Russians and enemies with weapons of various types.
* Apart from your trusty sword of war, during the voyage you have the support of flamethrowers, bazookas and grenades.
* Abate the various contingents final phase! And above all, soldier, returns alive.

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